The Artists Circle of the West Island, Montreal, Quebec, Le Cercle des Artistes de la Banlieue Ouest

About the Artists' Circle

The Artists’ Circle was started in 1981, with the express purpose of promoting fellowship and providing learning experiences for local amateur artists.
Our members have varied backgrounds and interests in Art at all levels, and range from amateur to professional but the sole criteria for becoming a member is an active interest in painting in any medium, and a desire to participate in the group’s activities.

Welcome, new member! We’ve put together this document to help answer any questions you may have and to let you know some of the regulations for the group.

Reason for being: We are volunteers and all interested in painting or drawing. Art can be a lonely practice and it’s nice to meet others who share the passion. We’re here to support each other, no matter if we work realistically or abstractly, are professionals or beginners. We hope to broaden our horizons about our form of visual art and inform each other about new techniques, new materials, and the various activities and venues available to us.

Meetings: On the Third Tuesday of the month at the Pierrefonds Cultural Centre, 13850 Boul. Gouin West. We start up in September and continue through to May. The meetings start at 7 pm except for our pot-luck meetings in December and May, which start at 6 pm and 6:30 pm, respectively. We recommend that you arrive about 15 minutes earlier to take off your coats and chat a bit with other members. Don’t forget to sign in!

Content of Meetings: Each month except December and May, we have some sort of presentation, be it a demo, a lecture, a model or anything we think might be of interest to our members. Non-members are welcome to come for a $5.00 charge. You may make suggestions about what may be interesting to others as well.

Exhibitions: We hold at least one exhibition per year, usually in April or May. Members can participate provided they have attended at least four meetings before the exhibition. (Again, remember to sign in!) We do not jury our exhibitions, and encourage everyone to participate. However, space is limited, so don’t delay signing up! We also always need volunteers to help with the various tasks that need to be done for the exhibition. Talk to the exhibition director to see what help is needed whether or not you are in the exhibition.

Website: Our website is The fee is $20 to set up an English and French page (you provide the translation). You may submit 4 photos of your work plus a portrait. Please do not include frames and make sure the photos are well-lit. You need to include the title, medium, and dimensions of your work as well as contact info and a brief statement about you or your work. We do not pay our webmaster: the fee goes into our income to allow us to promote our exhibition. It is a one-time fee, but if you do not renew your membership by June 30th, your pages are removed. Putting up pages again requires the fee.

Facebook: Our Facebook page is available to all. You can post directly or, if you send your exhibition, class or whatever else might interest the membership to our gmail address, it will be forwarded to the Facebook manager for an official post.

We hope that you will enjoy being a member and will find some way that gives you great satisfaction to participate in the group.
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